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Protect Your Vehicle’s Exterior with Paint Protection Film

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Has your vehicle been professionally painted? 

Do you want to keep it looking showroom ready? 

Paint protection film (PPF) can help! 

What is Paint Protection Film?

Sometimes called a “clear bra,” paint protection film is a layer of clear ultra-durable polyurethane that is adhered onto your vehicle to protect against common damaging elements like rocks, bugs, bird droppings and more.

Without any protection, daily drives can result in small chips and scratches to your paint, which require corrections. Paint protection film saves you time and money by preventing these repairs and helps keep your car looking shiny and new. If PPF can be used to protect racecars, think what it can do for your vehicle!

Where Can PPF Be Used?

If you’re looking to only protect frequently dented and scratched areas, PPF can do the trick!  PPF is frequently used on rocker panels, hoods, bumpers, mirrors, headlights, or the full vehicle. It can also be used to protect vehicle graphics. Paint protection film can last anywhere from 5-10 years.

How Does PPF Compare to Other Protective Options?

While vinyl wraps do provide some protection, they’re mostly used for aesthetic purposes. PPF is made specifically for protection and is thicker than vinyl wraps. Ceramic coating is usually used on the entire vehicle, while PPF can be used only where you need it. Ceramic coating and PPF can work together, though! Ceramic coating can be used on top of PPF for extra shine and durability.

Protect Your Paint with Elevated Restyling – Paint Protection Film and Paint Correction in Livonia

Do you want to ride in style, worry-free? 

Elevated Restyling can install paint protection film on your vehicle! 
If you have any imperfections you’d like corrected before the installation, we also provide paint correction in Livonia!

Schedule an appointment today to become one of our “uniquely driven concepts!”

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