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Protect Your Vehicle with Ceramic Coating this Winter

A black car with ceramic coating in Livonia

Are you afraid weather will damage your vehicle?

Do you want your vehicle to look great throughout the winter and into spring?

Ceramic coating is a great option to protect your vehicle against harsh winter conditions. 

Ceramic coating is a compound of silica and titanium that’s applied to a car’s surface to create a protective layer. It can even be used over vinyl wrap!

Ceramic coating can protect against:

Snow – Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, so snow and water will fall right off your vehicle. Just like rain, snow can be acidic, which can stain your paint. Ceramic coating will keep your paint looking brand new!

Ice – Don’t let sharp ice scratch your paint! You might also scratch your vehicle trying to remove ice. When you have ceramic coating, it will take the majority of the damage.

Road Salt – Salt can not only scratch your paint, but build up on your vehicle and cause corrosion. Ceramic coating can prevent this.  

Increased Debris – Snow plows can scrape up excess dirt, rocks, and sand from roads that can scratch your vehicle. Whether you’re on asphalt, dirt, or any other type of road, ceramic coating can protect your vehicle!

Why Use Ceramic Coating over Waxes?

Ceramic coating is adhered to your vehicles paint, so with proper maintenance, it can last for a long time! Waxes must be reapplied every three months. Do you really want to be reapplying wax during a long Michigan winter? Keep your car protected all winter long, and even all year long with ceramic coating!

Conquer Winter with Ceramic Coating in Livonia

Do you want to protect your vehicle?

Get protection and peace of mind with ceramic coating!

Schedule an appointment today for ceramic coating in Livonia!

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